20/20 Vision

What is God calling us to in 2020 and beyond?

Here are 5 audacious goals - fueled by faith - that we are working towards and trusting God for by the end of 2020:

$200,000 Raised for Mortgage Principal

As part of our 20/20 Vision, our goal is to put $200,000 onto our Mortgage Principal before the end of the year 2020 to reach our goal of being debt free in 9 years!
To donate toward this fund, please mark Mortgage Principal on your Giving Envelope.
 To set up recurring giving, click here.

20,000 Service Hours Invested in our Communities

As part of our 20/20 Vision, our goal is to invest 20,000 Service Hours into our communities before the end of the year 2020. Help us add YOUR hours to the list by  completing the Reporting Sheet in the chair pocket in front of you or at the 20/20 wall in the lobby OR reporting them weekly or monthly at the link below.

2,000 First-time Attenders Welcomed

As part of our 20/20 Vision, we've set an audacious goal to welcome 2,000 first time attenders to our services by the end of the year 2020. That means we need your help in two ways.
(1) Who are you bringing to church with you?
(2) How are you welcoming and greeting those who attend New Covenant?

200 People Being Mentored in Spiritual Formation

As part of our 20/20 Vision, our intention is to have 200 people being mentored toward spiritual formation by the end of the year 2020. To participate in this initiative of growing, contact Pastor Linda Waldo to show interest in being mentored or becoming a mentor. We will equip you! Also, during GroupLife registration times, we'll be offering classes as part of this strategy. 

20 Next Level Leaders Equipped and Empowered

As we live out our vision and make some cultural shifts, our next level leaders are casting that vision, growing in their leadership development and identity in Christ. We feel strongly in helping our leaders grow in their faith with Jesus and relationship with God.

5 Audacious Goals

Our 20/20 Vision consists of 5 audacious goals to be healthy & mobilized as a church. As a church, we want to be giving, going, greeting, growing, & guiding! Check out the message below to hear more from Pastor Barry.