Sale Dates: April 20-22
Thursday 9-6, Friday 9-6, Saturday 9-12

Prep Days begin Sunday the 16th  and continue through Wednesday. 
We need all kinds of help with emptying boxes, pricing items, sorting, picking up heavy furniture, assembling, did I say pricing? ....
Whether you can give a few hours after work or come every day, we would love to see you. Lunch & Dinner provided. Sign up at the link above.
Email [email protected] with questions.
We realize there are some who would like to support the Rummage Sale, but are unable to physically be here during the week.
Here's an option for you. Help us feed our volunteers by baking some brownies or making a pasta salad to go with our lunch or buying some bulk chips or snacks, or contributing to MudHouse drinks for volunteers.
Sign up at the link above.
Have Ideas? Email [email protected]
Thursday, Friday & Saturday are our big SALES DAYS.
We needs lot of volunteers for check out, customer service, holding area, carrying items to vehicles, and so much more! Select the link above to sign up for one or all of these days.
Email [email protected] with questions.

NEVER BEEN TO A RUMMAGE SALE?? Here's what Thursday morning looks like!!

And here's just a taste of a typical layout.


We can't do Rummage Sale without our amazing volunteers. 
Check out the options below to choose a time to volunteer.

DONATE your items!

Clothes. Shoes. Purses. Baby Stuff. Games. Sporting Equipment. Tools. Boats. Bikes. Christmas Decor. Books. CDs. Toys. Housewares. Hats. Cars. Lawn Equipment. Playground Equipment. Did I say Clothes? .... We'll take just about anything!

Below is just a sample of items we've sold in years past