Elevate:  9th-12th grade
Sunday 10:45a-12:15p
Wednesdays 6p-8p

Inspiring and equipping students toward authentic faith by:

Valuing Community

We need each other if we hope to live a lifelong faith in Christ, but  the rigors of teenage life can cause them to question why they need church at all. That's why we're working hard to become a community of teenagers who still love each other long after the Sunday service is over.

Owning Faith

Hand-me-down faith won't get you past sixth grade in this post-Christian culture. That's why we're focusing on habits and rhythms  that help students build an everyday, all-weather faith that's tailored to fit them personally. 

Mobilizing Potential

God doesn't have any grandchildren! That means teenagers have a lot to offer the church and the world right now, not just someday in the future. That's why we're interested in helping your student discovering their gifts and abilities and turning them loose to serve other people. 

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