We are mobilizing God's people, God's way.

The church is not a program. It’s the people of God, saved by the power of God, for the purposes of God.
Through His Church, His body, Jesus wants to fill every nook and cranny of culture and every sphere of society with His fullness.
Discover your GIFTS. Understand your PASSIONS. Comprehend the STORY God is writing through your life. Get started right now!
Gifts: the spiritual gifts and natural abilities God has given to you.
When we abide with Jesus, His supernatural power can work through us to build up others in their pursuit of Jesus. This supernatural power works through the spiritual gifts God has given us.

Passions: the people & the causes you are passionate about & the primary way you serve them. 

As we abide with Jesus, He grows in us a passion for the good works He wants us to do. We will assess three areas of passion: the People, the Causes, and the primary Influencing Style you use to serve those people and causes.

Story: looking back to see how God has been writing your story and determining your next step. 

Your life is a story that God has been writing since long before you were born. The question now is, “what is the next step in my story?” The answer to this question is partially discovered through two practices; personal reflection and peer feedback.

Video Resources to process your GPS

Intro Video #1

Gifts Video #2

Passions Video #3

Story Video #4

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Video Resources to inspire you to be the light.

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